Tableau Designer Training

This course will collaborate you in becoming competent in using Tableau. Tableau is a data visualization software in the market that is easy to learn, very easy to grasp as you do not need to be a programmer to learn Tableau as it uses a drag and drop interface option which is very easy to understand. The course will help in learning the skill that will help you in understanding Tableau and in building a solid foundation in it. This training program is designed in a way that it’s efficient both for a beginner as well as a person who wants to go for an advanced level of skills. By the time the course will finish you will have learned all the skill and tools to be a proficient tableau user. This will help you in analyzing and visualizing complex data with ease and extract knowledge from the data for any purpose of use.

Course Curriculum

    • Connect Tableau to various Datasets: Excel and CSV files
    • Connect Tableau to various Datasets: Excel and CSV files
    • Sorting data 
    • Data Source – Adding, Modifying & Replacing
    • Live & Extract Data Connection
    • Data Source & Context Filter
    • Introduction to types of Parameters
    • Create Interactive Dashboards
    • Tableau Online – Use & Account Creation
    • Create Storylines
    • Assigning Geographical Roles to Data Elements
    • Export Results from Tableau into other softwares
    • Create Data Hierarchies & Drill Downs
    • Data Grouping & Custom Territories
    • Adding Actions to Dashboards (filters & highlighting)
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